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Sebastian training for lake Eland

Sebastian with his tatu

The Extra Mile goes to Lake Eland

Getting ready for the race

the race

childrens race

children swimming

Watching the swimmers Martin Conner

Race with people with disabilties

Sebastian swimming

Sebastian finishing his race

Sebastian helping other swimmers

Olympic swimmer Troydon Prinsloo in the water

The team event

The end of the race

The youngest swimmer

Kim Batson and Jill Hanass-Hancock

The Extra Mile team with olympic support Troydon Prinsloo

Sebastian and Extra Mile pamper winner Charls Crous

Sebastian and pamper winner Zandalee Terblanche

The Extra Mile swimming team

Olympic swimming contest with Troydon Prinsloo and Charls Crous

Sebastian winning the disability event

The disability winners

Women disability event winners, Patricia Ings, Nicole Gouws and

Women 30 and over winners

Sebastian with disability trophy

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